Student Feedback on College Infrastructure

Read out the questions and answer accordingly .

Course  (*)    
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1. The classrooms are clean and well maintained.


2. There are adequate number of classrooms available.


3. There are adequate number of laboratories available.


4. Equipment in the labs are in working condition


5. Seating capacity in the library is satisfactory


6.The prescribed books/reading materials are available in the library/department


7. The library staff are cooperative and helpful.


8. Photocopying facility in the library is satisfactory.


9. Online educational resources are available and accessible.


10. Internet facilities are available in college.


11. The college website is updated and results and attendance records are displayed on time.


12.Toilets are hygienic and properly maintained.


13. Clean drinking water is available on campus.


14. Canteen facility available is satisfactory.


15. Overall environment in college is conducive to learning.


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