NSS (National Service Scheme)

The National Service Scheme is a Central sector Scheme of Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. Popularly known as NSS, the scheme was launched in Gandhiji’s centenary year in 1969. The sole aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service.

NSS Badge:

The Konark wheel in the NSS badge having 8 bars signifies the 24 hours of a day, reminding the wearer to be ready for the service of the nation round the clock i.e. for 24 hours.

Red Colour in the badge signifies energy and spirit displayed by the NSS volunteers.

The Blue colour signifies the cosmos of which the NSS is a tiny part, ready to contribute its share for the welfare of the mankind.

NSS Motto:

The motto of National Service Scheme is “NOT ME BUT YOU”.

Major Activities:

National Service Scheme of college has been continuously organizing various activities to infuse the sense of responsibility towards the society and country and to enhance leadership qualities and team spirit. Some major activities performed by NSS are as follows:

  •        7 Day Special Camp
  •        Blood Donation Camp
  •        Health Checkup Camp
  •        Joy of Giving campaign
  •        Plantation and cleanliness Drives
  •        Visit to Nearby area, school, old age home etc.
  •        Celebration of different days and occasions
  •        Other competitions and activities regarding awareness in society

NSS Committee

  • Sh. Rajesh Kumar -     Incharge