Code of Conduct for Students

All students of this Institution must follow code of conduct for promoting a safe and efficient learning climate by enforcing behavioral standards.

1.      All shall be disciplined while studying in Institution.

2.      Students must uphold academic integrity; respect all persons and their rights etc.

3.      Students must deter from indulging in any misconduct which can affect the institute‘s interest and regulation substantially.

4.       Intentionally students shall not damage or destroy institute property or property of other students.

5.      Strict actions can be taken by the authority if

·        Unable to produce the identity card, issued by the Institution.

·        Organize meeting and processions without permission from the Institution.

·        Accepting membership of religious or terrorist groups banned by the institute/ Government of India.

·        Smoking in the campus area.

·        Throwing waste or empty bottles in the campus of the institute.

·        Parking a vehicle in no parking zone.

·        Rash driving that may cause any inconvenience to other.

·        Theft or unauthorized access to other resources.

·        Misbehavior in classroom or during any activity of the institute.

6.      Students are expected not to interact with media persons on the campus without the permission of the institute authorities.

7.      Students are not permitted to provide audio- video clipping of any activity of the campus to media without prior permission.

8.      They must use social media usefully and responsibly.

9.      Students must not indulge in any form of harassment  motivated on the basis of a person, gender, sex, color, and national or ethnic origin, disabilities.

10.   Students must follow the rules and regulations of affiliating University related to admission, examination, assessment, attendance etc.